PLEASE NOTE: System Cycle acquired Airborne Bicycles in 2016. The brand was founded in 1997, but we do not have any model information, decals, specifications, derailleur hangers, etc. for Airborne bikes before 2016.


For derailleur hangers: https://derailleurhanger.com/manufacturer/airborne/


For bike spec, decals, etc. we suggest a Google search with model name or eBay.

Demand is at an all-time high. Lead times are long and costs are climbing. We are doing our best to get bikes built. Note that specifications are subject to change without notice. Thanks for being patient.

Our painter mixes custom colors based on our direction. Unfortunately there isn’t a code associated with our paints. We suggest trying to match your bike using automotive paints.

Sorry, we don’t have touch up paint.

We only offer this universal Airborne decal set for current models.


Yes. We have a small crew that reps Airborne. The best way to get sponsored is by being noticed or recommended by one of our current riders or employees.

We receive sponsorship requests everyday. You’ll need to stand out and show us that Airborne is a great fit for your riding / personality.


“Do you sponsor?”

“Can I get a free bike?”

“How many followers for a free bike?”

That shows almost zero effort. We suggest telling us why you want to ride for Airborne. Consider how we’d benefit by you representing our brand.

We accept sponsor me videos and will check out your Instagram if directed.  

*** Note that due to limited bike availability we are not adding riders to the Airborne team right now. ***

We do not keep records of serial numbers. Please write down your serial number and keep it in a safe place in case your bike is stolen.

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