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July 01, 2020

Both the Plague 27.5 and the Toxin 29 come equipped with an X-Fusion Manic 150mm-travel dropper post right out of the box. For those of you not familiar with dropper post installation, here’s a quick step-by-step how-to guide.

*If you need help assembling your new Airborne Bicycle, general assembly instructions can be found here.

Dropper Post Installation

The dropper post cable housing will come pre-routed through down tube of the frame.

The first step is to thread the cable housing up the seat tube. Be careful not to pull too much housing from the front end of the frame.

Install a plastic ferrule on the end of the cable housing. We also recommend that you put a couple drops of lubricant (we used Tri-Flo) inside the cable housing during this step.

Install the other plastic ferrule on the front end of the cable housing.

Next, route the dropper cable through the remote lever and into the cable housing.

Remove the remote lever from the handlebars in order to pull the table tight.

Slide the barrel end onto the cable. Do not tighten yet.

Slide the barrel end into the dropper post actuator.

Pull the cable tight to remove all slack and then tighten the barrel end.

Apply grease to the dropper post before inserting in the seat tube.

Set the dropper post to the desired height and tighten the seat post clamp to 4 Nm.

Re-install the remote lever on the handlebars and adjust the position to your preferred angle.

From your door to the dirt, you’re now ready to hit the trail.

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